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Where Your Journey Begins

Are you considering your next home project but don't know where to begin? We hope you will find this information helpful! McNamara Contracting is going to take you through the journey of turning an idea into new living space.

It begins with determining if an addition is:

1) Possible

2) Financially Feasible

The first step to finding out if your project is possible is determining the needs, and rough size of your home or addition. You will need to confirm that the new structure will not impede on your minimum setbacks. All municipalities have a set of guidelines (typically set forth in zoning bylaws) that determine front, side and back yard setbacks. Your new structure may not impede on these setbacks. In some cases, a special permit can be granted in the event that it will.

Here is where we come in. Our first phone call typically takes 15-30 minutes. We gather as much information as possible about your existing layout, utilities, site conditions, and of course the goals of your project. Based on the collected information we work to determine a realistic budget for the project. We can typically determine if the project is financially feasible in the first hour.

Our next step is where your project begins to take life. And we believe it is the key to a successful addition project.

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Pre-Construction services.jpeg

Pre-Construction Services

Many companies offer a free estimate after their initial meeting with the customer. It’s typically a very vague price that is impossible to compare to other estimates. Even worse, it's based on many unknown factors. Like anything else quick and dirty, It’s not very effective.

Building and Remodeling is one of the largest investments you'll make in your lifetime in terms of time and resources. You’ll have to live with the decisions you make for many years to come.


When you proceed with a free estimate rather than a Pre-Construction Agreement, you’re setting up for disappointment and budget problems down the road.

Our Pre-Construction Services will include an in depth look at your project. It will include at least one site visit that typically takes 45-90 minutes. During this site visit we will gather all relevant information about your current home layout or land, and your vision for your new project.

After our site visit, we will begin building your plans. This is where our value shines. With the customer's input, the contractor's knowledge of pricing, and the designer's touch, we are able to build a plan for a project that is completed on time, on budget, and to the industry's highest standards.

The customer will receive:

  • Full permit sets for their addition, built to MA IRC code.

  • Detailed project Specifications.

  • Job specific pricing.

  • Allowances for unselected finish materials.

  • Up to 4 exterior elevation views.

  • Up to 4 Interior 3D renderings.

Start your plan for success by clicking the link below!



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Building Peace of Mind

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