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Style Meets Affordability

Vinyl is an excellent choice for your exterior remodel. Boasting a 30 percent market share, vinyl siding has become the most popular cladding material in the country because of its low cost, versatility and low maintenance. An attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners, vinyl siding products offer an impressive combination of durability and color options.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose McNamara Contracting LLC for your exterior remodel we give you the attention you deserve. Starting with our initial one on one consultation where we listen, document and accurately price your project on spot. We install high-quality CertainTeed siding products in a timely manner and complete your project on time and on budget! Get the "Peace of Mind" you deserve on your next remodeling project by choosing McNamara Contracting LLC.

  • We carry 2,000,000 in liability insurance.

  • We can work with any budget.

  • We offer financing, so anyone can afford there project.

  • Most importantly we will listen to your wants and needs and customize your siding design around your style.






  • Vinyl siding does not need painting, which equals low maintenance!

  • It is inexpensive in comparison to other siding products.

  • Replacement of individual broken pieces is simple.

  • It does not rot or decompose.

  • It's can be easily washed and cleaned!



  • Installation requires a contractor and should not be left up to DIY's. 

  • Vinyl is not environmentally friendly.

  • Although there have been significant improvements, Vinyl can still start to fade after as little as 10 years.

  • Vinyl is prone to breaking or cracking from impact.



"We are so happy with the quality of work and pricing that we would not only recommend McNamara Contracting to anyone who needs work done, but we are planning to work with him in the future"


"Tim is someone I can ALWAYS trust to take on a project big or small! He cares about the details and that’s really important to me when hiring a contractor!"


"We used McNamara Contracting to remodel our kitchen. Tim was great to work with, always communicated next steps and answered any questions we had. We have a beautiful kitchen that was finished on time."

Building Peace of Mind

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